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Pythagoras was a sort of musical avatar with a knowledge kept so secret that until now we are finally ready as an evolving civilization to receive this special gift of quantum resonance or practical string theory. One of tha undisputed laws of Pythagoras was his Law of Silence. Pythagoreans never wrote anything down. Pythagoras was the first person to recommend music as a prescription. He connected music to craftsmanship, design, government, raising a family, fellowship, and self-improvement.

Pythagoras on music

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by Theresa Monaco (more info) listed in sound and music, originally published in issue 29 - June 1998. Music and sound in the ancient Indian system of Ayurveda are essential for balancing the functioning of the doshas (representing the principles of creation, preservation and destruction) in the body. Listen to music by Pythagoras on Apple Music. Find top songs and albums by Pythagoras including Journey to the Vast Unknown, Pt. I, Kyra Giorgena and more. For Pythagoras music was a celestial system. It is believed that the diatonic scale comes from the understanding of planetary movement.


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Legend states that one day Pythagoras was walking past a smithy’s workshop, listening to the sound of the blacksmith’s hammers on the anvil. How Pythagoras and Sappho Radicalized Music and Revolutionized the World The story of the invention of the love song, the world’s first algorithm, and the mathematics of transcendence.

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This process actually became a fundamental part of physics, and modern physics, in particular.

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Köp boken Music by the Numbers: From Pythagoras to Schoenberg av Eli Maor (ISBN  Yet Eli Maor argues that it is music that has had the greater influence on mathematics, not the other way around. Starting with Pythagoras, proceeding through  Pris: 129 kr.

The Lute of Pythagoras (1996) 14'30” As a freelance music producer, engineer and sound designer, he has worked for the  Loose Connection, Four Violins, Articulation of Boolean Algebra for Film Opticals, Early Minimalism, Yellow Movies, Slapping Pythagoras, and Music and the  Komma (musik) - Comma (music) Detsamma gäller för Pythagoras tuning.
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and the music of the spheres on Pythagoras’s teachings as passed down through the years, and it is a good source from which to explain some basic concepts.5 The Pythagoreans found that the speed of vibration and the size of the sound-producing body were the factors in music that were regulated by number. A modern example Musical Investigations and Theories According to legend, Pythagoras discovered the foundations of musical tuning by listening to the sounds of four blacksmith’s hammers, which produced consonance and dissonance when they were struck simultaneously. Music of the SpheresPythagoras taught that each of the seven planets produced by its orbit a particular note according to its distance from the still center, which was Earth. The distance in each case was like the subdivisions of the string referred to above.

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245-330) Preeminent Neoplatonist of his age) thus: “And there are certain melodies devised as remedies against the passions of the soul, and also against despondency and lamentation, which Pythagoras invented as things that afford the greatest assistance in these maladies. Credited with many accomplishments, from discovering the diatonic scale in music, the Pythagorean theorem in math, and being considered as one of the founders of western science and philosophy; much has been associated with Pythagoras, but little is actually known of his life. A collection of quotes and sayings by Pythagoras on math, vegetarianism, strings, humming, verses, accomplish, soul, thought, music, spacing, spheres, etc. Pythagoras also associated arithmetic with music and believed that music should not be seen as a diversion alone. He believed that music was an outflow of harmonia, the divine rule seeking to banish confusion and conflict in the cosmos. Pythagoras’ policy is to acquire musical IP (including but not limited to songs, publishers’ and/or writers’ share, master rights and/or secondary rights or parts thereof) with a proven financial record in order to be able to predict future revenue streams.